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How To Recycle Furniture

If spring is here, and you have decided to commit to a professional house clearance you may have a ton of old furniture, and no idea what to do with it. Keep reading for some great advice on recycling furniture.

Recycling Services

While furniture may be reused more than recycled, there may be times when the item is not fit for further use. In such cases recycling your furniture pieces may be your only option and you can contact a contact that breaks down your old furniture and turns it into something new. Here are some answers to the questions you may ask.

Can I put my furniture in a recycling bin?

This will depend on the area that you live in. Some areas will have a days where residents can put their furniture out to be collected, while the other areas will require you to make arrangements for a pick up. To find out, read up on your local recycling service.

Is there a specific weight or size restriction?

The restriction may not be on the item recycled but on the pickup of that item. Most furniture can recycled but transportation of that item may be harder.

Does my furniture need to be dissembling?

Once again this will depend on the pickup service. You may not need to dissemble it before recycling but the transportation service may ask you to secure, or remove, any of the doors, glass or drawers.

DIY Tips To Recycle And Reuse Furniture

Here are some great tips to recycle furniture at home!

Rather than getting rid of the furniture you could use chalk paints to cover the damage, and use it something else. Similarly, paint the piece of furniture layering the different colors on to it to cover up the damage and give it a whole new look.

You can turn an old bench into a swing by unscrewing the legs, or cutting them off if they are attached with blots, and attach chains that are coated with plastic into the arms and the seat. You should drill holes into the ceiling and attached the chains of the swings into the holes with shaft screws or bolts. You can adjust the height according to your preference, and have fun decorating it according to your taste, matching the overlook in your garden.

If you are an artist then try taking the drawers out of an old cupboard and turn them into works of arts. Paint it using a variety of stencils adding flowers, ribbons, beads and a few inspirational quotes. Once it’s done you could fill it with mud and turn it into a plant pot or place it upside down and use it as a coffee table.

You could use the empty drawer space for storing all your bits and bobs. Grab some cupboard boxes, pull off the lids, add some color and then use them to organize all your items.

If the knobs in your drawers have become damaged or misplaced, you can tie some of your old handbag straps into the holes and create a gorgeous, yet completely practical look. You could do the same thing to cupboards using an old, decorated, belt.

An old coffee table can easily be turned into an ottoman. If you add a new coat of paint and some stunning pillow, no one will even notice that it was recycled! Similarly you could turn a footstool into a lovely bag stand, perfect for your guests to place their handbags on.

Where To Get Ideas From?

There are a variety of blogs and websites which give details on fun ways to recycle old furniture. The key here is to take an old piece of furniture and let your creativity run wild. What you choose to make will depend on your household look, your own personal preference and the materials that are available to you.

Recycling your furniture doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It can be fun, even if it’s not necessarily easy. Look around you and decide whether you want to approach the professionals or try it out yourself.